Language Recommendation

Sometimes, users access the corresponding shopping experience, but they view the store in an incorrect language according to their preferences.
To illustrate this, we can mention several examples. In Canada, depending on the region, the official language can be English or French. In a globalized world, there are many users living in foreign countries, such as a French person residing in Spain or those who are temporarily travelling or on vacation in another country.
Under these circumstances, customers can access the correct prices, products, and currency based on their location. However, despite having their preferred language available in the store, they do not view it correctly.

How do we address this issue at Orbe?

If the 'Show if the user is in the correct country but not in their browser language' option is enabled within your Orbe's Advanced Settings, it will trigger the popup under the following conditions: When a user is in the correct country, experiencing accurate pricing, product availability, and currency settings, but is not browsing the store in their preferred language based on their browser settings, the system will recommend switching to their preferred language.
Imagine you sell worldwide, and your website is available in both English and Spanish. If you activate this option and a user enters the US shopping experience while being physically located in the US, they are considered to be in the correct shopping experience. However, if their browser language is set to Spanish and they visit the US experience in English, the website will display a popup, suggesting that they switch to the Spanish version for a better experience.