Orbe is a Shopify app that empowers merchants to elevate their e-commerce stores through advanced geolocation capabilities. It allows businesses to tailor their online shopping experiences to individual customers based on their location, preferences, and language. Orbe offers tools for country and language selection, automatic redirection, and other localization features to create a more personalized and efficient shopping journey for users.

The Orbe popup appears when a user is in an incorrect shopping experience based on their location and preferences to redirect them to the correct experience. We recommend reading our article on "How Orbe Works" for more details.


How do we tally successfully redirected users?

Given that our popup only appears and automatic redirections occur, when a user lands in an incorrect experience, we exclusively count users as successfully redirected when they arrive in an incorrect language or experience based on their location and preferences.

Imagine you're a Spanish brand operating your primary shopping experience at, where you sell products in Euros, provide content in Spanish, and offer exclusive items for your Spanish customers. However, you also employ Shopify Markets to create a distinct shopping experience for US users, hosted at, where prices are 10% higher, transactions occur in USD, and the website is available in English. Here's how this scenario works:

  • When a Spanish user visits, they are already in the appropriate shopping experience, so we do not categorize them as successfully redirected users.

  • Conversely, when a US user visits (Spanish Shopping Experience), they are initially presented with a popup to guide them to the correct shopping experience, which is tailored for the United States. Upon acceptance, their subsequent visits are automatically redirected. Each of these automatic redirects is counted as a successful redirection.

Similarly, if users utilize the country selector to modify their market preferences, it will also be considered as a successful redirection.

Our free plan includes up to 500 successfully redirected users per month to the correct shopping experience, making it ideal for businesses starting to expand globally. In our paid plans, you'll enjoy unlimited redirections.

Do you Offer a Free Trial?

You can use our geolocation service for free, up to 500 successfully redirected users per month. If you'd like more time to evaluate our service before making a decision, we offer free trials:

  • For Monthly plans, you'll enjoy a 7-day free trial. If you decide to cancel your plan within these seven days, you won't incur any charges.

  • With Yearly plans, we provide a 15-day free trial. Should you choose to cancel your plan during the first 15 days, there will be no charges applied.

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