How Orbe works


Orbe syncs with your Shopify Markets settings to identify the countries where you sell. It creates a custom-designed popup to make recommendations to customers based on their geographic location and preferred browser language. When an international user visits the wrong shopping experience, Orbe will recommend moving them to their localized experience. In subsequent visits, it will automatically redirect them to that experience.
Some examples of use:
  • When a US user visits the US experience: As the user is in the correct localized experience, Orbe will not bother them.
  • When a French user visits the US experience: The Orbe popup will show up and recommend the French experience. If, in the future, this French user goes again to the US experience, it will automatically be redirected to the French experience.
Likewise, Orbe was conceptualized to be 100% customisable, compliant with data protection laws worldwide and SEO-friendly.

User Experience –UX–

Orbe enables a simple, functional and customizable popup to match each brand guideline and offer the best UX. We provide different layouts to adapt to the necessities of our merchants and allow them to use CSS and Javascript to give our technology the best look and feel.

Data Protection Laws Worldwide

Some countries prohibit redirecting users to a specific local experience without their consent. To meet these regulations, Orbe integrates with each store to ask customers where they want to buy and recommend the best shopping experience based on their location and preferences. After Orbe saves the permission for subsequent visits, the popup doesn’t bother again.
These data protection laws include, among others, the European Union –GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation–, California –CCPA, California Consumer Privacy Act– or Brazil –LGPD, Brazilian General Data Protection Law–.


As Google's best practices indicate for managing multi-regional or multilingual sites, automatic redirection based on the customer's IP can negatively impact SEO.
Most bots that the leading web crawlers use (such as Google) come from the United States. They don't attempt to vary the location of the crawler to detect site variations. Thus, their IP addresses are primarily associated with IP ranges from the US. In this way, if a store uses automatic redirections, they will also automatically prevent web crawlers from viewing and indexing correctly all the versions of their site.
Orbe redirects users to the right shopping experience by thinking about SEO. We allow web crawlers to read each localised experience without confusion.

Use Case

Born Living Yoga offers distinct shopping experiences tailored to various markets, encompassing differences in products, pricing, language and currency. As a Spanish brand, the primary shopping destination for ES customers can be found at Conversely, the shopping experience designed for customers in France is accessible at
In this specific scenario, when a Spanish user visits, no popup appears. However, if the same Spanish user navigates to, they will encounter the popup recommending that they return to the correct Spanish shopping experience, which is based on their IP address and can be found at"