Notifications play a vital role in keeping you informed about essential updates and activities within Orbe. By configuring your notification settings, you can tailor your experience to receive the right information at the right time. In Orbe, you can set up who will receive these communications.

  • By default, we will send our communications to the Store Owner. If you prefer not to notify the Store Owner, simply uncheck the box, and they will not receive further emails.

  • The Primary Contact is initially set as the person who installed Orbe. However, you can change this information and provide another email. Keep in mind that you can only have one Primary Contact, and leaving this section blank is not allowed, as we must always have a Primary Contact for urgent communications.

In summary, configuring your notification settings in Orbe empowers you to stay seamlessly connected with essential updates. Whether tailoring communications to the Store Owner or designating a Primary Contact, ensuring accurate information is crucial for timely and pertinent notifications. We appreciate your attention to these settings, as they contribute to a more customized and effective experience with Orbe.

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