Integration of Orbe with Klaviyo

After gathering feedback from some of our clients, we realized that Klaviyo was capturing user preference information in an inefficient manner. It was at this juncture that we recognized the opportunity to leverage the capabilities of Orbe for a more effective capture of these preferences, which in turn could significantly bolster the marketing strategy.

How to active the integration with Klaviyo?

To activate Klaviyo, you need to go to the integrations option in the settings of the Geolocation - Orbe application.

Whenever you have a paid subscription, clicking the enable button will activate this functionality.

How to use Klaviyo within Orbe?

Once the integration between Orbe and Klaviyo is activated, on each occasion when Orbe is used and the user shares their email address, Orbe will transmit these preferences to Klaviyo.

For instance, let's consider that we send an email to the customer. If the customer clicks the link in the email and accesses the store, the Orbe modal will open in their browser, allowing them to choose the most suitable user experience. When the customer selects their country through the modal, as their email is already registered, Orbe will record their country and language preferences and send them to Klaviyo.

You can view the recorded data in the Profiles section of the Audience.

Why do you need this functionality?

Orbe's innovative feature grants you the power to harness gathered country and language preferences, resulting in automatic audience segmentation and the creation of tailored campaigns that will drive your global sales.

Wave goodbye to generic emails; when targeting English and Spanish-speaking audiences, you can now send customized emails to each segment, effectively boosting your sales.

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