Orbe is a Shopify app to offer international customers a seamless, localised experience tailored to their preferences. Orbe is the gateway to each locale experience. It ensures that all the customers have the right localised shopping experience (prices, products, language and currency) whether they use Shopify Markets, Global-E or have multiple Shopify expansion stores for each country they are selling.
In a world of multiple inputs and competition, merchants only have a few seconds to convince new users to stay in their stores. That’s why if brands localise shopping experiences by markets and there is no accurate, fast redirection, they will lose them: increasing their bounce rate, decreasing their conversion rate and, consequently, wasting a large amount of money.

Who is the Orbe app for?

Orbe is a Shopify App designed for brands selling internationally through Shopify Markets, Global-e or multiple Expansion stores. Our flexible plans are tailored to suit the unique needs of every business, ensuring a seamless experience.
You must configure your product, prices, languages and currency by market in your Shopify Markets or Global-e. Orbe reads your configuration and displays it in the popup.
To sell in local currencies in Shopify, you must use Shopify Payments. Please refer to the list below to see the countries supported by Shopify Payments.
We seamlessly integrate with popular apps such as Langify, Transcy, LangShop, Translate & Adapt, and Global-e. However, please note that we do not support apps that are incompatible with Shopify Markets, such as Weglot or any currency convertor.