Real Use Cases

Connection of multiple Shopify stores

Before Shopify Markets, merchants who wanted to localise experiences in other markets had to create multiple Shopify stores. It allowed them to set a different strategy and modify prices, products, languages and currencies.
Currently, instead of using Shopify Markets, for reasons such as the team structure, they can’t use Shopify Payments, having completely different strategies or the sunk cost of having opened these others stores, many brands decide to keep differentiating these stores.
Before Orbe, these stores were independent, and if the customers arrived at the wrong store, they watched different prices or, even worst, couldn’t buy, causing, as a consequence, a decrease in the conversion rates. Now, Orbe allows them to connect these multiple stores between them and always redirect the traffic to the right shopping experience.

Different Holding Companies by country

When some brands achieve a certain number of sales in a strategic country, they usually establish a new company or use Global-E solutions to adapt their market positioning and legalise their tax situation.
In this context, these brands create a separate Shopify expansion store for managing this scenario. Thanks to Orbe, they can connect all their stores between them and redirect the traffic to the right shopping experience without losing potential customers.
Most brands use the same Instagram or TikTok account to launch paid campaigns in other countries. Only a few brands have different Social Media accounts by market due to operational costs.
In Orbe, we have identified that many people still arrive at the wrong shopping experience, even by setting up campaigns by country or language. When it happens, new users don’t know if the brand has created a shopping experience for them, and they only spend a few seconds in the store, increasing the bounce rate and wasting the budget.
Geolocation by Shopify will only show the popup the first time the user arrives at the store. In the upcoming visits, maybe two weeks later, through a remarketing campaign, they don’t show the popup again, although the customer is not in the right shopping experience.
In comparison, Orbe will save the consent in the first visit and automatically redirect them to that experience in the subsequent visits without bothering them.
So, Orbe ensures that whatever the customer does or how they arrive at the store, they will always buy in the correct shopping experience based on their preferences.

Different pricing or products by market

When brands start selling internationally, they cannot usually sell the same products in all the markets because they must comply with local laws. For instance, in the Food Industry, merchants must comply a strict regulation which differs by country and implies changing the packaging or providing more information. Or in the Electronics Sector, merchants must comply with local laws and adapt some products, not add some components.
Likewise, those merchants don’t want to show and sell some products in specific markets for strategic reasons. And once merchants set up the products they will sell in each market, the positioning in price can be different and usually higher than the price in the primary market.
From this perspective, merchants must localise their shopping experiences not to show the wrong products or prices to the incorrect customers. Currently, Shopify allows merchants to change products and prices but does not ensure that the customers browse the local experience.
Once again, Orbe solves these two problems from the beginning redirecting the customers to the right products and prices with its geolocation welcome popup.