Shopify Geolocation VS Orbe

What are the main differences between Geolocation by Shopify and Orbe?

Orbe introduces a streamlined, customizable popup that seamlessly aligns with your brand guidelines, enhancing the overall user experience. Distinct from the Shopify Geolocation app, here are the key disparities:
  • Continuous Functionality: Orbe ensures ongoing accuracy by confirming the customer's correct shopping experience. This prevents accidental visits to alternate experiences featuring distinct prices, products, content, currencies, or languages. Unlike the Shopify Geolocation App, which operates only during the initial visit and lacks the capability for automatic redirections, leading to certain issues.
  • Consent Management: Orbe records user consent, preventing the popup from reappearing during subsequent visits and guaranteeing consistent placement within the appropriate experience.
  • Customization Power: Our popups are fully customizable, allowing you to tailor the appearance and content of the geolocation recommendation popup directly from the Shopify Theme Editor. Titles and text can be adjusted to cater to diverse languages.
  • Multi-Store Geolocation: Orbe effortlessly links with multiple Shopify stores, directing customers to their ideal shopping experience through geolocation.
  • Country Selector: Orbe empowers users to adjust their preferences by offering a market selector.
  • Integration with Klaviyo: Orbe integrates with Klaviyo, enabling the transmission of user preferences to personalize email campaigns based on preferred language and country.
  • Built for Shopify: Orbe proudly bears the 'Built for Shopify' emblem, a distinction recognizing top-tier apps within the Shopify App Store for performance, speed, and design.
  • Robust Support: Our customer support is accessible from 9 am to 6 pm (CET Time), Monday to Friday. Our app boasts a sterling 5-star rating, a testament to the appreciation shared by numerous merchants.
In essence, Orbe Geolocation not only offers a sophisticated solution but also consistently surpasses the capabilities of the Shopify Geolocation app, providing a comprehensive and tailored geolocation experience for your customers.