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Orbe ensures that your customers arrive at the correct version of your website based on the country preferences set up on their first visit. However, sometimes they want to change their shipping preferences for various reasons.

For example, they want to buy a present for someone else in another country, or they were on a trip the first time they visited your store, and we saved that consent.

Not giving the option to change the shopping experience easily can frustrate them and make them leave your site. To make it easy, we recommend adding a country and language selector which integrates with Orbe.

How to Set up Your Country Selector

In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the process of activating and customizing our Country Selector within the Shopify Theme Editor. Furthermore, we'll delve into advanced settings that necessitate custom code, empowering you to position the country selector in the header with a unique layout.

Customize the Country Selector

To begin, launch the Shopify Theme Editor and navigate to the "App Embeds" section. There, locate and activate the "Market Selector" App Embed.

Following that, you have the option to select your preferred selector type from the following choices:

  • Classic Selector: A country and language selector that is prominently displayed.

  • Modal Selector: This selector features country flags, allowing users to easily explore various country options.

  • Geolocation Popup: To display the Geolocation Popup selector, you must have the Embed Geolocation Popup App activated.

Depending on your selector choice, you can tailor various options while bypassing the others to suit your specific needs.

Classic Selector

You can show or hide the language selector. We recommend adding this option from Orbe if your store is available in multiple languages. Then, as we made in the geolocation popup, you can also personalize the corners & buttons and the selector's colours.

You also have the option to display the flag of the recommended country or the market currency with various styles.

Finally, you can enable the country search to make it easier for your users to find their desired country.

If you choose this selector, you can decide if you want to display the flags, the market currency, and its style –for example, EUR or €, USD or $–.

Additionally, you can modify the title and the language title.

Global Settings

Last but not least, you can choose which position to add the footer: left, centre or right.

Real customer examples:

Add a Custom Button for Market Preferences using Orbe

With this option, you can create a custom button to open the Orbe popup, which allows users to change their preferences. This option offers more flexibility than the first option but requires some development effort.

The custom button can take the form of an icon, the country's name, or its flag. Below, we provide real examples to assist you in choosing your preferred option:

Only a web developer should handle this option. Send this dev doc to your developer: Custom Orbe button

If you have an Orbe paid plan, our team can add a custom country selector to any position in your theme. Contact support for help.

How does the country selector function when users change their country?

Suppose the right shopping experience for a specific user is in Spain. Using the selector integrated with Orbe, they browse the French experience, and Orbe saves the consent. In this case, when the user visits the store in the future:

  • If they go to Spain, Orbe won't appear anymore.

  • If they go to France, as the user's preferences are France, then the popup won't bother them either.

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