Relocating the Market Selector

The Orbe's Country and Language Selector (also known as "Market Selector") from the embed app can be easily relocated to any part of the theme. This guide will show you how to accomplish this task.

The Market Selector is a key feature that provides the flexibility of allowing users to select their preferred market and language on your storefront. It's usually placed in the footer, but sometimes, you might want to relocate it for a better user experience or to match your theme's design requirements.

How to move the Market Selector

To move the Market Selector, add the following div tag to any part of your theme's code where you'd like to place it:

<div id="custom__md-footer-selector-block"></div>

You can place this div anywhere within your HTML theme files, depending on where you want the Market Selector to appear. The Market Selector's functionality remains the same, no matter where it's located within your theme.

For instance, if you wish to move the Market Selector to the header of your theme, you can add the div into your header's HTML file. Similarly, to position it inside your footer, you could incorporate the div within the respective HTML file.


This only changes the position of the Market Selector within your theme. It does not alter the Market Selector's style, functionality, or its default appearance settings. If you want to change these aspects, you'll need to customize it using CSS or use additional JavaScript.

This solution offers a high degree of flexibility, enabling you to customize the position to match your theme's layout and design, while still maintaining the functionality of the Market Selector.

Please remember to test the new placement of the Market Selector in various browsers and screen sizes to ensure optimal user experience.

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