Activation Problems & Solutions

How to confirm if Orbe is working?
Often, some brands contact our support team to ask if Orbe is working. In this tutorial, we explain the three main reasons and how you can check them:
  1. 1.
    Orbe is working, but you cannot see the popup
  2. 2.
    Orbe works, but the popup keeps reappearing repeatedly
  3. 3.
    Orbe works, but Shopify's Automatic Redirection is on
  4. 4.
    The test mode doesn't work
  5. 5.
    Orbe doesn't change the currency per country

Orbe works, but you cannot see the popup

Orbe syncs with the Shopify settings to know in which countries you are selling. It creates a custom-designed popup to make recommendations to customers depending on their geographic location and preferred browser language. When an international user visits your store, Orbe will recommend moving them to their localised experience. In subsequent visits, it will automatically redirect them to that experience. Some examples of use:
  • When a US user visits the US experience: as the user is in the correct localised experience, Orbe will not bother them.
  • When a French user visits the US experience: the Orbe popup will show up and recommend the French experience. If, in the future, this French user goes again to the US experience, it will automatically be redirected to the French experience.
Because of this first example, when some brands install Orbe, the country coincides between their primary market and the IP address where they are testing it. That's why Orbe doesn't bother them.
If you want to test Orbe in this situation, add your domain followed by ?showOrbe. For example,

Orbe works, but the popup keeps reappearing repeatedly

When you activate Orbe and test it on your platform domain (, the popup will consistently appear, even when you've selected the correct shopping experience. It's essential to clarify that Orbe is functioning correctly in this scenario. However, the continuous appearance of the popup is due to a limitation imposed by Shopify for internal security reasons – they don't permit cookie storage on platform domains ( Rest assured, once you add your regular domain, this issue will be resolved, and Orbe will work seamlessly.

Orbe works, but Shopify's Automatic Redirection is on

Merchants often find themselves with the Automatic Redirection feature enabled by default on their Shopify stores. However, it's essential to note that Shopify itself acknowledges in its documentation that this option can be detrimental to your SEO efforts. It hinders web crawlers from effectively indexing your localized shopping experiences and ranking them on Google and other search engines.
Additionally, it's worth mentioning that implementing automatic redirects without obtaining user consent may lead to non-compliance with data protection laws worldwide.
In contrast, Orbe offers automatic redirects, but with a crucial distinction – only after obtaining the user's consent. This approach ensures that we are both SEO-friendly and fully compliant with global data protection regulations.
Likewise, in cases of a subfolder domain strategy (e.g., and or a multi-language website within a single domain (e.g., and, automatic redirection only works on the user's first visit. Without a geolocation solution like Orbe, returning users may experience incorrect shopping pages.
To disable the automatic redirect feature provided by Shopify, simply follow these steps:"

The test mode doesn't work.

A few times, in the editor, some brands have activated the app embed and activated the test mode. However, the popup doesn't show up.
In these cases, these brands have contacted our support team, and we have always identified the same problem: there is an error in the Shopify app blocks for any of the following reasons which affect Orbe but also your store performance:
  1. 1.
    You have a label in the theme.liquid without closing. For example, </head>.
  2. 2.
    The object {{ content_for_header }} o {{ content_for_layout }} is missing.
If you don't find the problem, don't hesitate to ask our team. We will be glad to help.

Orbe doesn't change the currency per country

Please note that Orbe is not a currency conversion app. Instead, Orbe is a geolocation app that guides users to the shopping experience that corresponds to their location and preferences. Therefore, we do not perform currency conversions.
The setup for local currency sales is handled directly through Shopify Markets and is only available in countries where Shopify Payments is enabled. This means that brands located in countries where Shopify Payments is not available will need to seek an independent alternative to Orbe for currency conversions.
If you want to check the list of countries where Shopify Payments is available, we recommend visiting the Shopify Help Center.
If Shopify Payments is available in your country, you can activate local currency sales as demonstrated below: