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Users cannot change the country with the Theme Country Selector

In some cases, brands already have their own native country selector integrated into their theme and prefer to utilize it instead of Orbe's country selector. However, upon testing, they may discover that customers cannot change their country preferences. For instance, if a user is located in Spain and attempts to switch to France using this selector, Orbe will rely on a previously saved cookie to redirect the customer back to Spain.

How can you resolve this issue? You simply need to Integrate your Country Selector with Orbe or start using our country selector. Opting to integrate the country selector requires adding just a few lines of code, enabling Orbe to refresh the cookie when customers use the Native country selector.

Only a web developer should handle this option. Send the developer reference to your team.

Or if you have an Orbe paid plan, we encourage you to contact our team via Ticket Form, Live Chat or email at, and we will provide you with the necessary support.

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