Sync Markets

How can I resolve the issue if my popup isn't displaying all countries?
Be sure to click "Sync Markets" whenever you make changes to your Markets to ensure that your customers always see the most up-to-date information.
Orbe is a geolocation app that seamlessly integrates with Shopify Markets. Due to considerations of performance and scalability, as well as the fact that most merchants configure Markets infrequently, we do not regularly access your Markets settings.
To ensure that Orbe reflects your latest configuration changes in Shopify Markets, please remember to manually click 'Sync Markets' in Orbe every time you make adjustments. This action allows us to refresh and display your updated configuration in the geolocation popup and the country selector.

When should you resync your markets?

When you make changes to your markets, open Orbe, and click 'Sync Markets.' This includes any of the following changes:
  • Creating a new market.
  • Removing some countries.
  • Adding a new country to an existing market.
  • Modifying the currency.
  • Publishing new languages in a specific market.


Let's illustrate this with an example:
Imagine a scenario where a store does not have a dedicated market for Germany, and Germany is also not part of the International Market selection. In this situation, Orbe will not display Germany in the country selector.
However, if, after some weeks, the store owner decides to include Germany as a market through the Markets settings but forgets to click "Sync Markets," the information in Orbe will become outdated.
To rectify this, simply go to Orbe, click "Sync Markets," and observe how your popup works perfectly.