Multilanguage popup

Suppose your store is available in multiple languages, and you pay for Orbe's Advanced or Plus plans. In that case, you can customize the popup in various languages to recommend your users the best user experience based on their browser language.
This tutorial will explain how it works and how you can activate it:

How does the multilanguage popup work?

Once you configure the popup in several languages, if it is available in the language of the user's browser, then you will display that version since it is considered the user's preferred language. Some examples:
  • If you have English, French and Spanish available in your store and your user has their browser in Spanish, we will show your popup in Spanish even if they visit your website from a UK IP address.
  • If the customer has the browser in a language that doesn't exist in your store, we will show the popup in the language by default, which you set up from the editor in Orbe.

How many languages can I set up the popup?

You can set up the popup in as many languages as you want in Orbe. However, we recommend adding only the languages you have available in your store. So, for example, if you have your store's English, French and Spanish versions, you should only configure the modal in these languages not to confuse your users.

How can I set up the multilanguage popup?

If you already pay for Orbe, you only need to fill in the following template with the messages in all the languages that you want to display the popup:
Template_Translation Orbe Modal.xlsx
Once it is ready, please get in touch with the Orbe Support team via Live Chat or email; they will upload it for you.